ACe of clean's



Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is the base service we provide at Ace of Clean. I run a modern van-powered, truckmount system that provides top of the line cleaning results. Every carpet manufacturer will tell you, their preferred method of cleaning to maintain a warranty, is the hot water extraction method. This method is our bread and butter and no one does it better. From synthetic fibers like Nylon to natural fibers like wool, we have you covered with a quality clean.


Furniture moving

The simplest carpet clean is in an empty room and our pricing reflects that. Light furniture moving like chairs, coffee tables, and sometimes couches, are included in our normal cleaning price (We go around the heavy stuff in this case). Heavy furniture moving is an option and we do charge extra for this because it takes extra time to complete the job.



Upholstery Cleaning

We can clean your furniture! Don't throw out your favorite recliner because it's gotten dirty over the years and you have no good way to clean it up. Again, our hot water extraction method provides a deep and thorough clean. Of course, furniture doesn't last forever, but we get great results with even the dirtiest couches.



Mattresses collect dust, which means dust mites, which means dust mite feces. You don't want to sleep with these allergens. Have us perform a hot water extraction on your mattress annually. It feels good to know it's cleaned and sanitized, just like putting fresh sheets on the bed.

Rug Cleaning

We service rugs in two different ways depending on: customer preference, the type of rug (i.e. brand, fiber, weave), and time constraints. We can perform an on-site topical clean provided there is a hard surface that's not wood floors to clean it on. In this case the rug will need to be left to dry for the remainder of the day before returning it to its original spot. We also can pick up rugs and clean them at our shop where they receive a dusting and washing. The latter is a much more thorough clean and is necessary for issues such as odor removal, required for oriental rugs, and recommended for most wool rugs. 



Tile & Grout Cleaning

Dirty ceramic tiles? We can clean those no problem. Grout lines are porous which allows dirt and all manner of other soils to penetrate and dirty the look of your floors. Let us clean them up and then apply a sealer to protect you for years to come.